Help FAQ: Mixing

What sampling rates do you accept?

We can accept files from  44.1 Khz up to 96K and 16 bit to 32 bit.

How do I send my mix files?

We need consolidated audio WAV files.  Here is how to consolidate your files.  Select (highlight) all the tracks (files) you want to include.  The selected tracks should start at the same place, at least 5 seconds before the beginning of the song and ending at the same place, with at least 15 seconds of space after the song ends.  Make sure all faders are at zero level and all tracks are labeled clearly so we can identify them when communicating with you regarding any updates.  If you don’t want any plugins to affect the tracks turn them off.  With all the selected tracks highlighted, go to the ‘Consolidate’ command under the Edit menu in ProTools and execute, or the equivalent command in your DAW.  Save these files to a new folder on your desktop.  If the program does not ask you where to save the consolidated files it generally places them in the audio folder with the other audio WAV files.  To separate the new consolidated files from the files already in the folder, sort by date and only copy the files with the proper date and time.  Save only these files to a new folder on your desktop and 'zip' the folder.  To confirm that the files are correct, you can load them into a new session file and play them to ensure the process was successful.  These are the WAV files that you can send us using the upload tab on our web site.    So we have an idea of your concept for your song, please include a rough mix.  Lastly, please include an example of a song from a commercially released CD that will act as a guide for us to learn your sonic preferences.


How do I prepare my mix files?

They should be clearly labeled, in sync and “mix ready”.  

Tracks should only contain information that is to be used.

Tracks should not require editing or source replacements.

Please include a two-track rough mix for each song to be mixed so that we know the direction you would like to go.  Please include a commercially released track that will help us learn your sonic preferences.