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Online Mastering Prices

16 - Songs - $565

17 - Songs - $595

18 - Songs - $625

19 - Songs - $655

20 - Songs - $685

11 - Songs - $415

12 - Songs - $445

13 - Songs - $475

14 - Songs - $505

15 - Songs - $535

  6 - Songs - $265

  7 - Songs - $295

  8 - Songs - $325

  9 - Songs - $355

10 - Songs - $385

1 - Song  -   $50

2 - Songs - $100

3 - Songs - $145

4 - Songs - $190

5 - Songs - $235

Includes up to 1.5 hours of update time per project, not including client supplied new mixes.

Additional Update Time - $50 Per Hour

Additional Versions and Additional Version Updates- $50 Per Hour

Songs, including additional versions, longer than 8 minutes add an extra $5 per minute

Rush Service (When Available) - Add 25%

CD Reference Discs - $5 Each



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Today, mastering has evolved into two categories:  

the traditional stereo mix and multitrack stems or separations. While stems require more preparation on your part, they give us greater mastering flexibility by allowing access to the individual vocal and instrumental tracks.  So let our team work for you.  We offer both convenient online sessions and virtual on-line attended sessions for real time collaboration with your engineer.

Mastering may include but is not limited to:

• Sonic Enhancement with EQ & other tools

• Dynamic Enhancement and Optimization

• Stereo Image Enhancement

• Sequencing, Spacing, Fades and Song Editing

• PQ, ISRC and Text Encoding with Verification

• Audio Restoration

Production Parts Include:

• DDP Master Files for CD Replication

• Digital Distribution Files for the Internet

• Vinyl Masters

• High Definition Audio Files

• Apple Digital Masters

• CDR Reference Discs

1 - 4 Songs - $25  /  5+  Songs - $50

CD+Text encoding w/client verification- $25

Additional HD Master Formats:


High Definition - Apple Digital Masters - Vinyl Masters

$50 Per Hour  ($25 Min.)

DDP Master Files for CD Replication:



• It is the client's responsibility to listen and to approve the final master. •

Based on the number of songs to be mastered, please submit a 50% deposit of the estimated total from the rate box above, fill out the Booking Form and send your files by clicking the button below.

We can not start your project before receiving the Form and deposit.

These files contain no format conversions, are not compressed and represent the truest mastered sound of your original recording.  It is a big file.  If you have recorded at any resolution at 24 bit between 44.1kHz to 96kHz, we will provide you with an HD master file at the same resolution, which doesn’t lose the benefit of the extra bits and samples captured during recording.  Also available is the Apple Digital Master for uploading to iTunes and will supply better encoding into the latest iTunes codec.

If you desire changes to your mixes while keeping the original stereo balance that you like, stems are the way to go.  Stems are the equivalent of your stereo mix broken down into several separate stereo tracks.  You can provide us with up to 8 stereo stems, at zero fader level, that are the equivalent of your original stereo mix along with the original stereo mix for comparison.  This is an affordable method to have your song fine-tuned at a fraction of the cost of remixing.  



How Online Mastering Works:

- Supply us with a relevant example track so we can learn your    

   sonic preferences.

- Based on your example we will supply you with a mastered            

   version for approval if needed.

- Based on your feedback we will make any updates and supply a

   new reference if needed.

- Upon your approval we will generate the requested master files.

Virtual On-Line Attended Mastering Session: - $100 Per Hour

Online Mastering from Stems - $75 Per Song