- "Mix-ready" tracks contain only information that is to be

   used and does not require editing or source replacement.

- We can accept up to 24 mono tracks or 12 stereo tracks or

   any combination.

- We can work from individual track files or stem files or a

   combination of both.

- Stem files consist of stereo tracks pre-combined, leveled and

  panned to your taste. (For tracks that contain delays, reverb

   or special effects, make separate stereo stems panned and

   leveled to your taste.  They can be used as is or as a guide.


Stem Example -

  Vocals: Verse, Chorus, Leads with multi parts can be

   combined, panned and leveled to your taste.  The same

   applies for double or multiple instruments that can be

   combined, panned and leveled to your taste.

Online Mixing + Mastering Combo Prices

For Online Sessions Only:

    Includes up to 1.5 hours of unattended update time per song.

For Online Virtual Attended Sessions:

    Includes up to 1 hour of unattended update time & 1/2 hour   

    of virtual attended update time per song.

Additional Update Time:  $50 Per Hour

Virtual On-Line Attended Sessions:

Mixing + Mastering Combo $75 Per Hour

Up to 8 individual tracks per song  - $100

Up to 16 individual tracks per song - $150

Up to 24 individual tracks per song - $200


Mixing + Mastering

Mixing + Mastering

Experience Makes the Difference

Experience Makes the Difference

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HELP FAQ: Mixing

Mixing & Mastering

from Multi-Track and Stem Files



Based on the number of songs to be mixed and the number of tracks per song, please submit a 50% deposit of the estimated total from the rate box above, fill out the Booking Form and send your files by clicking the button below.

We cannot start your project before receiving the Form and deposit.

Using your “mix-ready” tracks and an example of a commercially released CD of your choosing, along with a rough mix of each of your songs to get an idea of your creative intentions, we learn your sonic preferences and tailor the mix to your personal taste.  To start, we mix and master one cut for you to critique.  Using your feedback, we efficiently mix the rest of your songs and give you an album reference to evaluate and approve.  The beauty of this process is that at each stage of review, the benefits of the mastering process is included.

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